QL Dvorac Cup #3 Coming Up!

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QL Dvorac Cup #3 Coming Up! Empty QL Dvorac Cup #3 Coming Up!

Post  ShadyAK on Sat May 01, 2010 3:12 pm

QL Dvorac Cup #3 Coming Up! 85686299

Quick Facts
Mode: Duel bo3 with a b05 final...
Date: Sunday
Time: check in 14:00 BST, start 15:00 BST
Prize: 40000€ + protection from anal rape for 1st place, protection from anal rape for 2nd, rape in ass for all other places
Mappool: ca2, dm6, dm13, t1, t6, t7, t9, ztn
Map Selection Process: both players /kill to have same amount of health and have a gaunt fight. Winner looks at map-pool and eliminates a map. Then loser eliminates one. When there are only 3 maps left, both players pick a map. Third map will be tie map should there be one needed. For bo5, it is same but picking starts at 5 instead of 3

(p.s. keeping with the tradition of introducing more maps, this week, ca2 and t1 are the additional maps... enjoy)

Hoping to get 16 people for this cup

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