Yasis UrT Guide with great addendum (either coming soon or not at all)

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Yasis UrT Guide with great addendum (either coming soon or not at all)

Post  plastrom on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:21 am

Read it today, and its awesome advice Wink

Mini Guide to UrT by Yas 4 the ankers.

This guide is for 4.1, with the impending release for 4.2, some parts are subject to change.

First of all… sound can be a huge advantage, so I recommend the iKALiZER audio engine: http://forums.urbanterror.net/index.php/topic,9878.0.html
As for display modifications, you have very limited choice, but here is what is in the future of the engine: http://forums.urbanterror.net/index.php/topic,12609.0.html
It is possible to compile together, but just wait for 4.2 for the upgraded visual engine.

All the major settings are available in game and there are a lot of restrictions in place on the variables. Set it up as you like.

Some frivolous things to mention: funstuff changes your appearance, there are default, and extra paks flying around (do your own research, but since all servers are pure, only the default ones are guaranteed to work)

How to do ingame laugh, autoradio 2 is enabling autoradio commands apart from shouting of “grenade”:
Cg_autoradio 2
Bind x “ut_radio lol”

Essential buttons: sprint, bandage, use (for door, buttons), reload

To gain speed, you have to hold sprint and forward while turning mouse (circle jumping) strafe jumps are teh gay. Jumping, then bouncing off a downward slope gives you a super acceleration in speed.

You will note a semi circle around your player icon in bottom left, which is your health, your stamina is dependant on your health, wearing a Kevlar makes you lose stamina quicker and slows your gaining back of stamina. It’s good to have a bind to drop your Kevlar, times to use it are in ctf when grabbing and running with flag, when your health has dropped below 30% (meaning if you get shot even with Kevlar, you die) and strategic drop on or around flag to slow down attackers (an advanced and often frowned upon tactic) here are my binds for dropping… note that I have drop flag and weapon bomb on same bind since they are mutually exclusive in gametypes.

bind v "ut_itemdrop flag;ut_weaptoggle bomb"
bind b "ut_itemdrop kevlar"

Since cg_fov is limited, I always use 2 fovs, one for sprint and one for walk, thus change sens for each. Believe it or not… but I feel there is a “magic sensitivity” setting where you get better hits… try it out for yourselves. I always either use sprint, or use walk, rarely do I ever just run. I recommend you guys learn sprinting from cover to cover, then walk around to regain stamina, then sprint to next cover.
Sliding around… get more from your slide… I usually take a few jumps, then slide, then take 2 more jumps and slide more. You can slide a longer distance by using curves, hold down forward and turn mouse while crouched and sliding. For tighter turns, use sidestep and forward with turning of the mouse. Anyway, here are my binds for walk and sprint:

bind SHIFT "+speed; cg_fov 90; sensitivity 3.5"
bind CAPSLOCK "+button8; cg_fov 110; sensitivity 4.5"

weapon modes may seem like a nice feature… but the more you play, the more you will realise that automatic has a huge advantage over semi-automatic and burst modes for the reasons that a) you can hold fire and spray it in close combat when surprised b) you can tap shoot to get accurate shots and c) you can control your bullet usage

if using m4/lr/ak you should reload your weapon if you have less than 20 bullets in your clip and it is safe to do so. You can always pick up more ammo or another gun from downed enemies anyway. Most people use LR, so it’s a safe bet if you use that, you will always find ammo lying around.

Knowing your position relative to walls is extremely helpful for wall jumping and better traversing of the terrain… you can walljump with any part of your body that touches the wall, even your ass Razz you can use sidestep walljumps when in a cramped area… learn maps, try out new things. Use walljumps to get over fences/walls/other because when climbing ladders/grabbing ledges, you are unable to shoot, and leaves you being a stationary/slow moving target. Grabbing and letting go of ledges can be helpful to lessen your fall. Do a couple jump maps to get used to walljumping… to start off with I recommend deathjumps, walljumps and uberjumps (once you complete uberjumps, you have all the basics of jumping control and special tactics)

Nade usage… you can adjust distance and speed of throw by how you flick your mouse, how fast you are moving, and what is the change of your speed when letting go of the nade… try out different things to get used to it. HE nades it’s all about timing. They have minimal bounce potential, but practice cooking them and throwing in people’s faces. Learning spawns and common routes… you can throw luck nades in bomb and TS gametypes. Smoke nades are most useful in ctf. If the person wnts to travel thru the smoke to get to their objective, they are in a vunerable position. Lasers are shows in the smoke, tac goggles counter the smoke, but you need to be careful who you fire upon, as everyone is indistinguishable. Look out for team markers (i.e. cursor colour change and any name/healthbar that comes up) tac’s are also useful when hiding in trees Wink practice getting into trees quickly… most trees have different heights, so need different skill to get up, also foliage cover is differing too. I recommend using yellow colour for tac goggles as you get slight colour differentiation.

Finally is the hk69, to use it effectively, I always have the extra ammo item, so I have 7 nades in total. Fire it into a group of guys, then shoot their legs with secondary, they cant get away from explosion, the bounce around the corner is greater than the other nades. This weapon is better defensive more than for attack.

Another defensive weapon is the negev. Extremely effective mowing down non armoured enemies (i.e. ctf attackers) using it with silencer makes it super dangerous… you cant change weapon while reloading (unlike other weapons) so make sure you are safe to reload for 5 seconds.

Usage of laser… point it at corners you are about to go around so that the person around corner wont see it. The use button is extremely useful for laser especially when you are camping and want to look around, it’s better not to have your red dot flying around all over the place. (I always switch off my laser when camping in trees)

Once you are fast at moving, I recommend always wearing a helmet so that luck shots don’t kill you. (I only have 1 setup out of 7 that I use that doesn’t have helmet)

Anyway, here is my weapon setup

set weap_primary_1 "ut_weaptoggle secondary; ut_weaptoggle primary;set weap_primary vstr weap_primary_2"
set weap_primary_2 "ut_weaptoggle primary; ut_weaptoggle secondary; set weap_primary vstr weap_primary_1"

set weap_primary "vstr weap_primary_2"

bind MOUSE3 "vstr weap_primary"
bind MWHEELDOWN "ut_weaptoggle sidearm"
bind MWHEELUP "ut_weaptoggle grenade"

careful when selecting the grenade… cos HE and Smokes look similar, press 1 for knife

you can ‘kick’ a person when holding a knife, nades or sidearm, jump and flick mouse upward. It does minimal damage (20%) Be careful when jumping past team mates with those weapons as it can knock them off their aim… or worse knocked off defusing the bomb (has happened to me a couple times)

sniper hints: movement penalty is much higher with psg1 than sr8, best tactic with sr8 is when you sidestep zoomed in, when you sidestep back the other way, there is ¼ second where movement penalty is nothing, if you can practice shooting at that moment you would become extremely useful. Take a couple shots from your position and move on… keep rotating between good sniper positions, secondary weapons are useful when travelling. The psg1 you can jump, and at the peak of the jump, you can get a shot off… useful if you are sniping from behind high cover, but the most efficient and accurate way is to crouch stationary and fire slowly

gametype specific hints: All team games: at least 1 medikit holder… sneaky and someone who is experienced in getting out of firefights alive.

TS & Bomb if you are quick, and playing around slow/campy enemies, you can get around the back and kill them from behind if you take their less used routes… it’s extremely dangerous, but the reward is high.

Bomb: let others know which bombsite you are going to if you have bomb. Pick up the bomb if holder is killed! It’s the fast flashing red dot on the minimap. If the bomb is planted, then go all the way around the map and get back to it in less time it takes to defuse it so that you can kill anyone defusing. Usually higher skilled players wont defuse till all of attackers are killed. So staying alive is more key if you are attacking. If they get desperate, defusing as a last gasp gives attacker advantage cos if they don’t start defusing too late the bomb explodes, if they stop defusing to kill you, the bomb explodes, if they continue defusing, it leaves them as sitting ducks.
When defending (blue team) do 1 of 3 things… either get around back of attackers… go camp/secure the bomb sites or secure the dropped bomb once you have killed the holder. Running out into the middle of map is useless. Tree camping is great in bomb mode

TDM: all about k>d ratio. Unfortunately ends up being a spawn camp fest.

CTF: drop flag and drop Kevlar extremely useful. If you have flag, and your flag is gone too rotate between positions every other time your team spawns, make someone give you their Kevlar and medikit as it would be useful, drop flag and help defenders, then come back to flag. Having at least 1 person in def with Kevlar and helmet is essential. Leg shots are useful on flag carrier, then take out his sidekicks, then take out flag carrier as he tries to hobble away. If playing with autoreturn of flag, then dropping flag and getting to the flag again as it respawns is useful skill. Keep eye out on timers! Passing off the flag mid transit to someone with more stamina/health is a good idea.


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Re: Yasis UrT Guide with great addendum (either coming soon or not at all)

Post  plastrom on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:23 am

(reserved for smokey+psg manifest)


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Re: Yasis UrT Guide with great addendum (either coming soon or not at all)

Post  Yas on Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:05 pm

links have changed due to forum update:
this is ikalizer: http://forums.urbanterror.net/topic/8709-ikalizer-new-audio-engine-surround-sound-urbanterror-v02200b-newpatch/

and this is bump mapping moddifications:

maybe also look into optimised exe:

they are introducing the flash nades back in 4.2 ¬_¬

for more guides hints, tips and stuff, daily nade is increasingly becoming the place to find out. http://dailynade.com/

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Re: Yasis UrT Guide with great addendum (either coming soon or not at all)

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