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Dvorac Cup #7 Empty Dvorac Cup #7

Post  ShadyAK on Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:06 am

Hi wotsup will playink today!!1
Quick Facts
Mode: Single Elimination Duel best of 3... *
Date: Sunday
Time: check in 15:00 GMT, start 16:00 uk/ 17:00 pole / 18:00 latvian time
Prize: 40000€ + protection from anal rape for 1st place, protection from anal rape for 2nd, rape in a$$ for all other places (FUCK YOU FLEX WITH WORDFILTER)
Mappool: Blood Run (ztn), Campgrounds (dm6), Furious Pidars (t7), t9, Hektik, t4, Aerowalk

* 1 player tosses a map then other until 3 maps left
* When 3 maps are left, players pick maps
* Remaining map will be tie map if needed
* If both players want to toss a map first, they will blow themselves up and have a gaunt battle. Survivor gets first pick

Fixtures provided by

Round 1

Match 1 - Invisible vs Rage
T4: 28:1
DM6: 15:1

Match 2 - Cinek vs Froggy
ZTN: 15:2
T4: 19:5
Match 3 - Kyto vs DRILL
Drill had PCW so dropped out, Nemis was stand in
Nemis ragequit during ztn$$$

Match 4 - Zoot vs yRX
t7 - 3:7
ztn - 4:5

Round 2

Match 5 - Kyto vs yRX
Kyto wins cos yRX ragequit
Match 6 - Invisible vs c1nek
Cinek wins cos Invisible ragequit after 9: -1 on ztn

Cinek vs Kyto
dm13: Kyto 14 : 1 Cinek
KYTO had to leave for army though so ragequit. so here we go, cinek first medal

1st Place - Cinek
2nd Place - Kyto
3rd Place - yRX/ Invisible


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